Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are a reflection of the individual brides’ style and personality. We design anything you would like, from a romantic elegant style, through to a native bush land bouquet.  The  bouquet for the bride’s frequently designed to be larger than the bridesmaid’s bouquets. The bridal gown and wedding theme are all taken into account when designing the bridal bouquet. A large variety of silk and real touch artificial flowers are used such as roses, peony roses, orchids, lilies, natives and more.


Trailing bouquet with lilies, orchids and roses.
This style of bouquet suit many bridal gown designs with their elegant trails creating a stylish flowing look. Your bouquets can be a looser natural romantic style or it can also be a formal teardrop design. Prices for this bouquet start from $160.00


Bridal posy with champagne and ivory roses, gum and gyp.
Bridal posy with champagne and ivory roses, gum and gyp.
Informal posy bouquets have a natural and effortless appearance to them. Additionally, they combine many different types of silk and artificial flowers and foliage to create a relaxed ambient style. Various effects can be created with this style depending on the style  and colour theme of the wedding. For example, you may choose seasonal theme such as autumn tones using rich reds and burnt orange flowers and berries and deep green foliage. Informal posy prices start from $110.00


Formal rose posy with open white roses.
Formal rose posy with open white roses.
Formal  wedding bouquets are more structured in appearance because they  generally  use only one type of flower en mass. Roses, tulips, peony roses, orchids, and frangipani’s are popular choices for this type of bouquet. At Flowers Forever Perth we focus on pleasing flower and greenery combinations to create your perfect wedding bouquet. Flower colour can influence the choice of colour and type of greenery used. For example a white rose posy can suit dark green foliage, whilst a cream rose may suit a combination of deep green foliage in addition to a  softer gum foliage. Our Formal posy prices start from $120.00.

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