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wrist corsage

All school balls wrist corsages and button holes are made using artificial blooms, therefore you have a wonderful keepsake of your special occasion, with no concerns about bruising of blooms.

All the prices listed below are inclusive of the flowers, the presentation box and the wristband. The wristband that you choose usually determines the price. The other things that will change the standard prices are if you add extras such as baby’s breath or diamante sparkles throughout.  Scroll down to look at the flowers, wristband and ribbon choices.
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White roses, antique satin ribbon and diamantes' throughout.
White roses, antique white satin ribbon and diamantes’ throughout.
We custom make  your wrist corsage to suit your ball gown. 


Easy three steps to choosing your wrist corsage.

Step One:

Choose your flower – either roses or orchids or a blend of both.


Orchids with white organza ribbon
Orchids with white organza ribbon
The orchid wrist corsage is a natural white in colour and is made from silk. The approximate size of the orchid corsage is 12 cm x 10 cm. This is larger than the rose corsage. 


White roses, silver organza ribbon with silver thread, diamante wrist band.
White roses, silver organza ribbon with silver thread, diamante wrist band.
The rose corsage has artificial ivory white rose buds with a very life like feel to them. The corsage is trimmed with your ribbon of choice to match your ball gown. We now have deep red rose, a bright red rose and dusty pink artificial roses as well to choose from. You can see the selection on the gallery page. The approximate size of the rose corsage is 11 cm x 6 cm. This is smaller than the orchid corsage.

Orchid and Rose Mix

Orchid and roses mix with added diamantes.
Orchid and roses mix, white organza ribbon with silver thread, with added diamantes.

Step Two:

Choose your wrist band.


The wrist corsages come with a choice of seven different wrist bands that the corsage is attached to. There is the standard silver,gold or black elasticized band, then there is a pearl wrist band, a black beaded wrist band or a silver or gold diamante band to choose from. The silver diamante wristband will go with silver, rose gold or gold jewellery. The gold diamante wristband is for gold jewellery only.
The prices for the complete wrist corsage are listed below. The prices includes the whole corsage including flowers, ribbon and wristband and a clear presentation box.
Standard wrist corsage in either silver, gold or black elasticized band, flowers and box   $31.00
Pearl elasticized wrist corsage, flowers and box               $36.00
Black bead wrist corsage,flowers and box                        $36.00
Silver or Gold Diamante elasticized wrist corsage,flowers and box        $38.00

Silver, gold or black 10mm elasticized wristband
Silver, gold or black 10mm elasticized wristband

Black bead or white pearl elasticized wristbands.
Black bead or white pearl 20mm elasticized wristbands.

Silver or gold diamante elasticized wristbands.
Silver or gold 15mm  diamante elasticized wristbands.

Step Three:

Choose your ribbon


The ribbon colour is matched as close as possible to the ball gown, or a complimentary colour ribbon is selected. For example a colbalt blue ball gown may have a colbalt blue ribbon the same as the gown, or maybe a  silver or white ribbon  trim depending on personal choice. Check out your ribbon choice from the selection below.


White roses with white organza ribbon and added diamantes
White roses,white organza ribbon, silver diamante’s throughout, silver diamante wristband
 Diamante’s can be added throughout your wrist corsage if you wish. The extra cost for the diamante’s is $7.00. This will give you seven diamantes throughout the corsage. You can choose either silver or gold encased diamantes. 
White roses, white with silver thread organza ribbon, baby's breath.
White roses, white with silver thread organza ribbon, baby’s breath.
Baby’s Breath flowers can be added to your wrist corsage for an extra cost of $5.00.


All wrist corsages come in a lovely presentation box trimmed with matching ribbon the same as your corsage, included in your order.

Click here to check out more wrist corsages in the Gallery Page.

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Button holes
Rose and orchid buttonholes.
Buttonholes are matched to the wrist corsage.  In addition the buttonholes are also presented in their own protective cellophane bag. Buttonholes are $15.00 each. A ribbon bow can be added for no charge if you wish. Please specify when ordering if you wanted the bow added to your buttonhole. Added diamantes add $3 (for three diamantes), baby’s breath add $3.00.


The white rose buttonholes are made with a real touch artificial rose bud. The buttonholes are also trimmed with artificial rose leaves and fine fern. In addition a special buttonhole pin is also incorporated into the design for easy and secure attachment. 


Orchid buttonhole.
Orchid buttonhole.
The orchid buttonhole is a natural ivory white in colour and in addition has a realistic touch to the bloom. The buttonhole is also trimmed the same as the rose buttonhole, with greenery and an incorporated attachment pin at the back.
You can place your order by filling out the details on the Contact Us page