Silk flower Arbors/Centerpieces for Sale

The Wedding Arbor arrangements below can also be used as a table centerpiece or decorating the cake table after the ceremony. The items below are one offs for sale. They are using ex or discontinued stock and are discounted.

Silk flower Arbors/centerpieces for sale below.

Dusty pink and mauve arbor.Dusty pink and mauve arbor measures 170cm long x 16cm at widest point. For sale $232.00 discounted from $282.00.

Dusty mauve/pink arbor as table centerpiece.Dusty mauve/pink arbor as table centerpiece.

Vintage pink arbor measuring 125 cm long x 25 cm. Price is $170 discounted from $220.

Vintage pink arbor as table centerpiece.

SOLD AS ABOVE. Vintage pink arbor as table centerpiece.

Champagne/White arbor. Measuring 160cm long x 28cm wide. Sale price is $150 reduced from $200.00